Demerits of Facebook Home (a prediction)

People are eager to get Facebook home by 12th April. Or will even buy “HTC First”, the official phone to shipped with the replaced home screen. Want to check out how it looks,youtube it (ummm, mayb i can say it instead of google it, who cares. Go to youtube and search for “Facebook Home”. Oh! i must say the look are impressive and i need it too. But wait, now let us google what exactly has the social network come up with this time.
Note: Zuckerberg mentioned that the Home Screen replacement will be available for HTC one x, Galaxy s3,s4 and Note 2.

Lets move on with what i feel about this new product.

1. It’s genius, why build an entire phone from scratch when you can overtake existing phones. If you let it that is.

2. Now home screen can be covered in photos of people’s lunch, beverages, troll and duck faces!

3. Not only that, but ads! Can’t forget the ads!

4. Now my parents or just anyone can pick up my phone and see my activity or what my friends or the fan page of the hot model (you know what i mean) are upto. Now you might say, “oh you dumb, keep your phone locked”… Well Facebook Home will replace your Android home screen and lock screen. It will be the new boss of the phone.
Refer: cnet or huffingtonpost…

5. I don’t want to turn into a facebook maniac who will keep on locking and unlocking to check what’s happening in the virtual world. Neither do i want my phone’s screen with crawlers filled with updates from facebook. Imagine enjoying a meal with friend, family or your partner with this thing on you phone!

Well the product is not out yet, these have just being gathered from the promotional videos and some testers. So anyways lets wait for it… Let this creep into my phone >:)


3 thoughts on “Demerits of Facebook Home (a prediction)

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