Inflated water bill – Jal Board, Delhi

Let me start with a brief that the premise in consideration is a four member family, who has been sent a bill of ₹ 72263. This is from the period 23rd April’15 – 30th May’15 with a stated consumption of 1193 units in 37 days.

I might not have to elaborate as the figures are surely dubious, and will be enough. Water bill for 37 days is ₹ 72263, seriously!

This is actually a work of ‘art’ as per my understanding, which we as common men or citizens are incapable of achieving, but attainable by cohort, of extraordinary capabilities.

To state this matter simply, and after running in circles from ZRO (Delhi Jal Board, opp Sadiq Nagar) to home and ZRO.

Our previous meter was replaced on 31 March 2015, and the next bill shows the consumption of 1193 units, which I am certain in not humanly possible in a residence; until and unless we have taken an oath to flood our colony and pass this off as an act of God. (1193 cubic meter = 1193000 Liters)

This anecdote will suffice to pin point, where the exact issue is, and who is to be accounted for it. Seems this is not evident to the ZRO that whole problem lies when the meter was replaced and such figure was put in the records.

Figures and trend of water bill from past years D.J.B’s. Complete Bill History Till Date (With all Requisit Details)

Inflated bill

Bill no : 444900523160
Bill Cycle : ZALL(2015-04)
KNO : 4449051000
Meter no : 15074428



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