Demerits of Facebook Home (a prediction)

Demerits of Facebook Home (a prediction).


Demerits of Facebook Home (a prediction)

Demerits of Facebook Home (a prediction).

Demerits of Facebook Home (a prediction)

People are eager to get Facebook home by 12th April. Or will even buy “HTC First”, the official phone to shipped with the replaced home screen. Want to check out how it looks,youtube it (ummm, mayb i can say it instead of google it, who cares. Go to youtube and search for “Facebook Home”. Oh! i must say the look are impressive and i need it too. But wait, now let us google what exactly has the social network come up with this time.
Note: Zuckerberg mentioned that the Home Screen replacement will be available for HTC one x, Galaxy s3,s4 and Note 2.

Lets move on with what i feel about this new product.

1. It’s genius, why build an entire phone from scratch when you can overtake existing phones. If you let it that is.

2. Now home screen can be covered in photos of people’s lunch, beverages, troll and duck faces!

3. Not only that, but ads! Can’t forget the ads!

4. Now my parents or just anyone can pick up my phone and see my activity or what my friends or the fan page of the hot model (you know what i mean) are upto. Now you might say, “oh you dumb, keep your phone locked”… Well Facebook Home will replace your Android home screen and lock screen. It will be the new boss of the phone.
Refer: cnet or huffingtonpost…

5. I don’t want to turn into a facebook maniac who will keep on locking and unlocking to check what’s happening in the virtual world. Neither do i want my phone’s screen with crawlers filled with updates from facebook. Imagine enjoying a meal with friend, family or your partner with this thing on you phone!

Well the product is not out yet, these have just being gathered from the promotional videos and some testers. So anyways lets wait for it… Let this creep into my phone >:)

Should you buy iPad 4th gen. (retina display)

A bug in N.O.V.A 3 got me this view

This screen grab is from the game N.O.V.A 3. And there was this bug in the game. While crossing a bridge, i fell through the gap and landed on this amazing place. The virtual moon looked good and i had to capture it.

More bugs that i encountered… This time, this happened suddenly without falling in any pit! The only way-out was to close the game.




Should you buy iPad 4th gen. (retina display)

First let me talk about my gadget experience so that its clear how i’m comparing this product.

I have a motorola Atrix 2 (a good android product), before getting the iPad was using friend’s nexus 7(best android tablet no doubt). Used my gf’s galaxy s3( apart from the touch nothing excited me).

Well the review will go off track if i talk about the above gadgets too much. But basically i’m a hard core android user and WAS a fan!

Lets compare iPad with nexus 7. And people must be wondering why I’m comparing nexus 7 with iPad. One reason, they are phenomenal devices from the two different eco-system (iOS and Android)



Lets talk about the iPad 4 or the iPad with retina display…


  1. Processor A6, the fastest till date (as on 30/03/2013). Game loading time was phenomenally better compared to nexus 7.

  2. Screen size is very good for reading and a person who needs accurate representation of colours. Compared to super-amoled, that adds too must of saturation and the white is off. More of a bluish hue. iPad is definitely recommended for photographer ( me being one) colour is accurate, period.

  3. Crisp display that will bring out the minute details as-well.

  4. Graphics, well use it to believe it. Have compared games like Nova3, mass effect, shadow gun: dead zone, real racing and many heavy games. Its just blows nexus 7 in every aspect. Though the nexus has chipset, Nvidia Tegra 3. Yet details are missing.

  5. The user interface and usability is very smooth. No app crashes, (except for Facebook and Chrome). All the other app are working excellent. And transitions are quite smooth and nice.

  6. iPad is a good productivity tool with pages and keynotes. Though they are expensive but is irreplaceable by quick office or kingsoft office. Though the latter too is a complete package. And the former two are sold separately. But they are good. And i have used each one and have thus stated what i felt.

  7. Photo editing is also quite nice with the purchased apps. Or if you know how to get them for free( applies to point 7). Some apps are just not made for android. And no one has an answer to why the divide or biased behaviour by devs.

  8. Oh last but not the least. Battery performance is just fantastic. No device comes close to iPad in battery backup. My personal stats are 10-14hr of use with wifi connected throughout. And a bit of gaming included. Now the range mentioned by me so vague because i have not computed or tested the tablet for actual backup with gaming. But twice without gaming and wifi connected throughout, got a performance of 13-14 hours.And brightness does play a role here and mine was at 20-25% without auto brightness!

Lets come to cons:

  1. Coming from android, missing the file structure very much.

  1. Interface is boring and the almost the same brought forward since 2008, when ios was incepted and was called ‘iPhone os’

  1. User are restricted and ios is not flexible. Eg, a pdf file needs to be added to each individual app that you want to open it with. Like i have adobe reader, goodreader and quickoffice. I needed to add it to each one of them if i need to access the file in all 3 of them.

  1. Ipad is heavy and can be cumbersome for user who love light and portable devices.

  1. And apple products are dam delicate. The slightest of nick or bump gives it a dent!

  1. Apple is famous for using premium material and aluminium as the back. This results in a week wifi connectivity. Eg, if the wifi signal is week, then iPad will flutter to connect to that wifi. Whereas Nexus/Samsung products connect to the week signal effortlessly. And this is because of the fact that they have plastic backs.

Well i cannot recommend or suggest this product as all boils down to an individual’s need. But i am happy with my purchase and love it. Not because i spent a premium price or got an Apple product. But love the product cause of its performance and power!

And i am not trashing Nexus 7. It will be my second best device. If need be, I will write a review on it as-well.

But for iPad 4th gen. I will rate it 8.5/10.

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