Dilemma of Flipkart and Moto G, and why majority could not buy it!

Flipkart mentioned on there website, that Moto G launch will be 6th February 2014, at 12:00 hours.

This is how the whole launch was handled.

When it is mentioned that the launch is 6th feb, 1200 hours. You are not suppose to launch it at 11:45pm, 5th Feb. It is misleading info on Flipkart’s part. Which led to many loose on buying at the said time. Lucky users browsed through before time. Were really lucky and placed an order.
More over, glitches on giving the proper offer was also not expected. Like 70% off on accessory was not being executed properly. Thus leaving customer to frequently fiddle with cart, and scratching their head; as in to what is happening to the discount. In the meanwhile, the phone went out of stock.

And how can they say, we did not anticipate such a huge response for the launch. Don’t they do a market survey or analysis. As in how many hits a product get from a particular geography? How many potential buyers can the gadget/product might have. As stated by Flipkart, that they sold 20000 units. Well that is not at all huge. And if you cannot anticipate this for a product launch, kindly don’t partner with any brand per-say. Flipkart is planning to partner with Motorola, read it here.

What is the use of partnering, when you cannot fulfill the demand. Also as they have started ‘booking’ for 16G.B! This should have been done pre-launch. Not when the phone is launched, and people are left frustrated. So next time, as you are incapable of handling such a launch.

Kindly follow a pre-booking method. That will not leave people, just on luck to hit the buy now button on time. And then following 3 more steps to reach the final payment page. And abracadabra, the product is no longer available.

Might be, consumers excuse you. As this was the first time, a product is being launched exclusively via shopping portal. But we cannot forgive and overlook such a management, when you (yes you! Flipkart), claim to be the best shopping portal of India.


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